About DecodeYield

Welcome to DecodeYield

We have a solution, we’re building technology of web platform and mobile application to make hunger and food waste things of the past. Our end-to-end service works in real-time to connect businesses with surplus food to those who need it right now, all while helping businesses understand and reduce their food waste and positively impacting their bottom line. Users anywhere simply snap a picture of their items fill in some details and add them to Decode free of charge

Organizations can then receive customized alerts, request for any of the food items and Pick them up often the same day at the agreed location. Used produced can be picked up and cooked in order to feed the food insecure. We also have over 1000 Food Waste Heroes who collect unsold food from local retailers and farmers, add it to the app, and redistribute it to the local community, thereby enabling those businesses to record zero food waste with increased bottom line

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